The Art of Adrienne Rhineart

"cute, not cuddly"

Whimsical Gore

That is how artist Adrienne Rhinehart prefers to think of technicolor creations. A blend of cotton-candy sweetness, a tongue in cheek fascination with the visceral, a healthy dose of respect for the cartoons of the Children of The 80s permeates her work. A graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Rhinehart cut her teeth working as an animator on several well-known animated series including KND: Kids Next Door, The Venture Bros., and Wonderpets, to name a few. She has retained that light spirited (and oftentimes demented) attitude and applies it in her work - seemingly cutesy, neon critters who look as though they'd be just as likely to bite your hand off as they would to lick it. Her influences range from She-Ra & My Little Pony to Mr. Bungle, Elvira, Lisa Frank, Joe Simko, Sixlets, and cotton candy.

Visit her site: Salty Liquorice

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