A Poem By Ele Santos


slumber bummin

--43 hours under cover of covers--

roused middle day

by the fornicates

& their role play

bangin 'way

both days btwn the nights


in btwn came Our Future.

sticky kushy prp

zipped-out in his hand.

Zig-Zag master,

two perfect splifs,

gesticulations of my mind by the biblioteque

--i skipped the discoteque,

content instead, to watch white noise'n asteroids


some sort of disorderly


requiring mild effort'nd

perhaps abrassiveness against the television set-



I tell you tht's what it is -



out the juice.

Shit ur pants!?

a'course! the teley's got ur horus eye.



Departed, dearly departed.

armed force regroupment!

K- i set out on foot

a R.O.Y. G. B.I.V. assortment of smokes,

snake skin strappies,

& armed to the teeth

--hearken only with pertinence to


heavy by my breast

hard of metal shard

a breathing copper plate



--the sungod-songod-god god of my god-of me-me cz im god-ly--

the distant one

the one above, over

--signifying extended planes

Of elevated

breaching thought

highly irregular

-i hoc a lugie at yr regular;

acid spit consumes your jugular non plus perfectum plus infinitivo


done spitting saliva, ready for salivation,

pt ate grams of salvation

stormed Noble Barnes.

ass swish swishin,

gun-clip-switchin soundin Motorcycle maddens Beat-walkin,

walkin up some beats for a map ya can't see bt fr yr eyes closed

bt for supposition of the tune u'd find me by my foot goes--



and fell


(closer to the truth be to say crash landed)

into Love so

by force forcefully unintelligible

there at Noble Barnes

chinky eyed bliss

sweeter than []'s kiss;

didn't excuse my self

instead felt obliged to peruse Love's insides


the afterpost lovemaking...


Ele Santos

the whimsy be@. A brooklyn native; she now resides where the moon takes her and tastes the bass along the tracks of no-madness. Canelita she will always be.at

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