Brother, Brother

A voice is unlike any other god-given gift. Voices are, quite often, taken for granted--discarded as an ugly remnant of childhood. Occasionally an exceptional voice will emerge unscathed or augmented by bass and the responsibilities of adulthood. And the idea crosses my mind that voices are separate entities. Beyond the mere measure of pitch, intensity, timbre, a voice is a distinct facet of an individual's persona.

As we grow older we play russian roulette with our senses, deadening nerve endings and quietly consuming our memories. Sometimes I wonder what sense tugs first on our hearts. Sound for some. Touch for others. Taste, scent, sight. Sensual memories may elicit biochemical reactions: emotions of love, anxiety, sadness, excitement, arousal, calm.

And a voice; the sound of another so closely connected to our physical perceptions of the world.

This is feel good music:
Got to Give it Up - Marvin Gaye (Live At The Palladium)

What's Going On - Marvin Gaye (What's Going On)

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