Umwelt Spine

these are the oddities of my body, she points—

oui, mais ceci sont les seins de mes reveries l

ovage. larking, my dreamery around the galle

ries explaining blue to the blind; blue is when

you feel like this. she points— yes the urgency

of war is realest when a father must beg for of

fered pardons. I seen that shes lived for the b

are souls; a near star whose distant yesterday

lovelier than its present begs a future of cold

thanatology speaking through sense memory

gold eyed the neglectful idealistic. she points—

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Loughton Daide said...

brilliant. also; i have faced difficulty with this question before, and was thinking you would have an opinion: should one read poetry accompanied by a dictionary? i am conflicted. it doesn't feel intelligent enough when i write it and there is no testing of the english language, but then when i take my own medicine (in your poetry for example) i cannot understand some of the words and feel stupid and require a dictionary.