may 31


what of the officer? a practitioner of martial law.

today there are blood red seams in the eyes of th

e encountered. Christ I understood you today w

hen I could not see. what of the observant? let m

e yet see the Samaritan. they say we will wash th

e mace from your sight. what of it? the deranged

lie in wait. what of a failure to protect? the deran

ged lie in wait and I burn. She stumbles to lift m

y lashes from the tatters of earth and convenient

medicine. what of the napalm rose? so effete the

y say we will wash the mace from your sight. wh

at of the black salve? what of the red seam? wha

t of Christ on the local line? what of the lost? wh

at of the unsalvageable? what of my eyes? I see n

o thing; nor say of people. the sun settles. Hayya'

alas-salat, Hayya' alal-falaah hands outstretched

lift my lashes with which I’ve learned to manipul

ate my world. now, what of the napalm rose? I h

ave not closed my eyes I have not closed my eyes

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