Ezekiel 25:17

The games we played in junior high school meant the future. I'd always known where you would be, eventually. The winners and losers aligned themselves in such obvious ways. And now they remain, in some essence, as they once were. The quiet boy, the pariah, the self conscious fat boy, the overly masculine boy, the rebellious one, the foolish one, the pretentious girl, the ruthless girl, the ugly girl, the sexual girl, the tomboy, the ghost, the diplomat, the hustler, the artist, the winners, the losers. We adapt as we see fit. We change sometimes, without our own consent.

Watch. They are torn now in a quest to "enjoy life" or find social acceptance or fulfill the role they'd dreamt of or make money. Some promises can be made. You will die. You will affect.

The common image of the pebble in the pond--its ripples: forever relevant. We are all pebbles with ripples in the same pond. In different parts of the pond. Still it is the same pond.

You can count on several interwoven dynamics. Wind, mass, velocity, rotation, gravity, surface tension--when you hit the water, the H bonds will vibrate and rebound on contact and it will always be different. The size or brilliance of the reaction hardly matters. That you hit the water was enough. Even if, like Emily Dickinson, you remained indoors musing on the outside. You exist, your presence is felt.


But we are all shepherds. What you do, you have done and it is you. Guilt--heavy with what you are not, but had previously envisioned. Anxiety--over fulfilling the role. When all is said and done you are both an active participant and a spectator in your own life.
How can you possibly ascribe relative value to the life of another?

In your dreams do faces mean nothing?


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