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nathan thompson said...

Your full wall size self promotion on my residential block has inspired the local gangs to add their death threats to it. Nice job. I will send you the photographs of the children who will be painting over your contribution to my neighborhood. Not sure what effect you were hoping to have on the youth of the next generation but the one you have here is that they hate you for taking away their Saturday afternoon to paint over your scrawl. Is this really what you had in mind?
Maybe your "artist" can sign his name next time. I know some teens who really want to meet him.

Brooklyn said...

intentions don't mean much when all is said and done, but hatred was not intended, nor violence. And if I am aware of the wall you speak of, it was previously covered in gang tags
please do send the photos after it has been painted over. I would like to see that--community restoration and personal investment. A beautiful thing, I think.

mdicus99 said...

This community has worked very hard to rid itself of graffiti. Local volunteers come out a couple of times a year to paint over graffiti within this community. So these residents have already been hard at work restoring its community without your help. Feel like helping out?

Mark Dicus

Brooklyn said...

I would certainly help cover my own pieces, not those of others though. Kensigton/Ditmas Park is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Brooklyn, undoubtedly--perhaps in large part to this effort. But I also understand graffiti as part of the general milieu. It says something of neighborhood residents in its own way.

Brooklyn said...

I can certainly get a few people to help paint over gang tags. I think that would be a great community project--although I don't think gang tags are too prevalent in the area.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Someone's been busy....wonder who? Hm.

This is so interesting!
Look! Grafitti is bringing together different community members as we type!!

And also...old school tactics to promote new school methods of communication? How thing ya know, people will be complaining of graf-style comments dirtying up their blogs and websites.
Geez, what's it all coming to!

Graffiti. It's a tricky animal. But I like it. It weirds me out how the evidence of human existence is usually associated with danger, violence, and an undesirable lifestyle. It's a bummer.

So what's the end of the story? I'm hanging like hole-punched piece of paper here! ; )